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Becoming a Dad

Fifteen years ago today,  nine months and nine days after getting married,  I became a dad. 

After a long night, and thirteen anxiety filled hours of labor, I held a baby girl in my arms.  I had never been particularly drawn to babies,  but this one captured my heart and stole my attention from the first moment we met. 

I was fascinated by her.  I watched every move she made.  The soft rise and fall of her chest with each breath,  the jerky twitches of her feet,  and the way her little hands curled around my finger. I wanted to see every movement and hear every sound.

I remember asking the nurse to change her diaper because we had no idea what to do. We left the hospital unsure of our ability to care for the little thing. Thankfully she was resilient and amazing.

Today that little girl is fifteen. She’s eager to start driving, loves going to dances, spends hours every day writing stories, listening to music and helping with her younger siblings, even though she still can’t pour without spilling!

She brings joy and laughter to or home as she bravely forges forward into life. We have a special bond. Maybe it’s because we’re both firsts in or family, or just those moments we shared figuring out life, but she’s special to me.

So, happy birthday #1! I love you and hope you enjoy today and this coming year. Thank you for making me a dad.


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Driving Lesson

Still can’t believe it’s time to teach #1 how to drive. Wasn’t she just my baby girl?


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