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The pic doesn’t show it well, but #3 got his first shiner!  Thankfully it wasn’t from a fight or argument.  It was an accidental collision in the swimming pool.  The funny thing is he didn’t mention anything about it and I had no idea until Sunday morning at church.


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A little color on the road home.



Is the Circus Allowed at Church?

Juggling Jacks and Jills

Nine children.  Put them all on a bench next to each other for an hour and then on top of that ask them to be quiet – you are practically asking for the impossible.  Especially if there are toddlers involved!

My time at church is peaceful, quiet and super spiritual.  Then I sit down!  Yep, as soon as I sit on the pew the struggle begins. The baby wants me, the two year old demands me and the four year old just squeezes his skinny little body between me and whoever is next to me.  I begin to sweat.  I look down and see my daughters freezing.  Seriously – are we in the same building?

 1 baptismMy husband doesn’t want us to bring drinks and snacks for the 2 and 4 year old anymore.  The 20 month old still gets a bottle and snack though so I have to answer about…

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I Saw the Sign

This describes our family well.

Juggling Jacks and Jills

So my daughters and I were mulling around Cracker Barrel when my oldest declares “Mom, you have to get this!”

I read the sign, laughed, fell in love with it, asked how much it cost and then decided – I can make it.  My oldest again says “Mom, just buy it. It’s only $6 and it will save you a project.”

Wow, she knows me well.  She also knows our family well. So here it is – the sign that proudly sits on the shelf right by the front door.

new sign

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Morning Events

Daily Pic – January 27th, 2015

Three events that dominated my morning commute:

  • Getting gas at $1.99 per gallon – yay!
  • A terrible accident that took nearly an hour to get past – glad everyone survived!
  • My car turned 2 – 200,000 miles that is!



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