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Bring my daughter to work day

Thanks to homeschooling I was able to bring my oldest daughter along with me to some focus groups in Tampa.  She got to see some of the more interesting things I do,  I had company on the six hour trip, and she completed her work.  It was a great learning experience. 

Now that’s what I call bring your daughter to work day.   


Here she is with the lights dimmed during one of the sessions. 



Special Visits

I always enjoy the special visits I get when working from home. 


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4 year old wisdom

Quote of the day from my 4 year old: “I went super fast in slow motion.”


My two year old has started using the word “eww”. It first happened in response to seeing her brothers dirty diaper. Then she said it when she saw my teenage daughter draw the symbol for The Flash on her hand (yes, she is a bit obsessed).

She used it a few more times so we were convinced it was her response to things that just didn’t look right.

The other day I came home from early morning basketball practice with my older kids and quickly showered so I could go to work. She found me in the closet getting dressed. The next thing I hear is “eww.”

Not sure what to think of it now.


Father’s Day

I had a great Father’s Day thanks to my sweet wife and great kids.  I also learned some interesting things about myself such as:

I’m somewhere between 10 and 40 years old

I can lift between 30 and 5000 pounds

I like to watch tv, nap,  play games and cook. 

My favorite foods are spaghetti and peppers

Is fun to see what the younger ones remember about you.




Hulk’s Birthday

For whatever reason, my little three year old loves the Incredible Hulk. He had a birthday party with friends today and got big fists as a gift. He’s been wearing them all afternoon with his green shirt and purple shorts. Such a funny kid.


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“You and I”

A while back I asked a friend of mine who spent time on professional film crews for some tips on how to get started shooting and editing video.  His advice was to take whatever equipment I had and get started.  “Just get out there and create something”, he said.  So here’s my first attempt – a music video starring my oldest daughter,  Brooklynn.