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Bring my daughter to work day

Thanks to homeschooling I was able to bring my oldest daughter along with me to some focus groups in Tampa.  She got to see some of the more interesting things I do,  I had company on the six hour trip, and she completed her work.  It was a great learning experience. 

Now that’s what I call bring your daughter to work day.   


Here she is with the lights dimmed during one of the sessions. 



Special Visits

I always enjoy the special visits I get when working from home. 


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4 year old wisdom

Quote of the day from my 4 year old: “I went super fast in slow motion.”


My two year old has started using the word “eww”. It first happened in response to seeing her brothers dirty diaper. Then she said it when she saw my teenage daughter draw the symbol for The Flash on her hand (yes, she is a bit obsessed).

She used it a few more times so we were convinced it was her response to things that just didn’t look right.

The other day I came home from early morning basketball practice with my older kids and quickly showered so I could go to work. She found me in the closet getting dressed. The next thing I hear is “eww.”

Not sure what to think of it now.


Father’s Day

I had a great Father’s Day thanks to my sweet wife and great kids.  I also learned some interesting things about myself such as:

I’m somewhere between 10 and 40 years old

I can lift between 30 and 5000 pounds

I like to watch tv, nap,  play games and cook. 

My favorite foods are spaghetti and peppers

Is fun to see what the younger ones remember about you.




Hulk’s Birthday

For whatever reason, my little three year old loves the Incredible Hulk. He had a birthday party with friends today and got big fists as a gift. He’s been wearing them all afternoon with his green shirt and purple shorts. Such a funny kid.


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“You and I”

A while back I asked a friend of mine who spent time on professional film crews for some tips on how to get started shooting and editing video.  His advice was to take whatever equipment I had and get started.  “Just get out there and create something”, he said.  So here’s my first attempt – a music video starring my oldest daughter,  Brooklynn.

Becoming a Dad

Fifteen years ago today,  nine months and nine days after getting married,  I became a dad. 

After a long night, and thirteen anxiety filled hours of labor, I held a baby girl in my arms.  I had never been particularly drawn to babies,  but this one captured my heart and stole my attention from the first moment we met. 

I was fascinated by her.  I watched every move she made.  The soft rise and fall of her chest with each breath,  the jerky twitches of her feet,  and the way her little hands curled around my finger. I wanted to see every movement and hear every sound.

I remember asking the nurse to change her diaper because we had no idea what to do. We left the hospital unsure of our ability to care for the little thing. Thankfully she was resilient and amazing.

Today that little girl is fifteen. She’s eager to start driving, loves going to dances, spends hours every day writing stories, listening to music and helping with her younger siblings, even though she still can’t pour without spilling!

She brings joy and laughter to or home as she bravely forges forward into life. We have a special bond. Maybe it’s because we’re both firsts in or family, or just those moments we shared figuring out life, but she’s special to me.

So, happy birthday #1! I love you and hope you enjoy today and this coming year. Thank you for making me a dad.


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The little things

I was sitting in the airport after the first short leg of a cross country flight with pressure in my ears.  I’ve been battling a cold and they siezed up (not even sure what word to use to describe that) during the planes descent.  After wandering the terminal yawning and swallowing for a few minutes I purchased some medicine and something to chew on: starbursts. 

I like Starbursts and usually have some around the house.  Yesterday I grabbed a couple and sat on the couch and before I had the first one open #9 was charging across the living room floor eyes wide with expectation.  It got me thinking.  I can’t remember the last time I had a Starburst and didn’t share with her.  It’s kind of our thing.

So as I sat in the airport enjoying my Starburst I couldn’t help but think of her.  It’s funny how those little things develop out of our habits.  Now,  no matter where I am, I can easily bring up a memory of #9 by enjoying a little treat. 


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Dumpster Diving for Superheroes

I repeatedly tell my four year old not to take toys to church. I get that he loves the little superhero toys, and wants to have adventures with them, but my warnings are motivated by a perfectly rational desire to ensure he doesn’t lose them (and I don’t have to buy them again).

This past week he snuck them into the car and managed to bring them in the building. Once there, he didn’t hide the fact that he had them because my wife and the other kids saw him playing with them. Unfortunately he came home from church and his toys didn’t. After searching the building, and pleas for their safe return on Facebook, we got a tip that they may have ended up in the trash.

I’ll admit that my first reaction was a selfish one and I rationalized it to my wife by saying, “it’s been a few days, I doubt the garbage is still there.”

Well, it was.

After reluctantly poking around the bags to find the one it would most likely be in (actually it was pure hope, I picked the least disgusting one), I started digging. It took a few minutes and I was about to give up when I spotted Thor’s red cape. Right next to him was Wolverine and Hulk.

I knew that wasn’t all so I kept looking. After another minute, #2, who was graciously letting me take the lead on this one, spotted Silver Surfer. We didn’t know exactly how many there were (because it would have been nice to stop digging through the bag then), so we kept going.

I didn’t have much tolerance left in me so after another minute the search was over. We may have lost a superhero that day (no one’s really sure how many he took or where the rest of them are in the house), but I’d call it a valiant effort. Hearing the squelch of a radio and a man’s voice in the distance, and not wanting to appear malicious, I put everything back in the bag, tossed it in the dumpster, and quickly left (not that that would look suspicious).

Having spent several days away from him on their own stinky adventure, his heroes are even more super, and I can add the title “rescuer of superheroes” to my list of accomplishments. But actually, I could have cared less what they were. All I wanted was a happy four year old.


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