Lines of communication

On my way to work this morning I listened to “Keep the Lines of Communication Strong”  by President Spencer W. Kimball.  In the talk he shared this story and related it to us:

“In South America we saw once an example of broken communication lines.

We were riding far out in the northwest of Argentina. It was cattle country. The road was straight and narrow for numerous miles, and on either side was a four-wire barbed fence. Parallel to the fence line was a series of poles on which were strung the wires for telephone communication to the world. Upon each telephone pole was a crossbar, and strung from crossbar to crossbar were the communication lines.

As we traveled along where the grass had been heavy but now was burned, we found where some of the telephone poles, being in the wake of the fire, were burned off near the ground. Someone had carelessly thrown a lighted cigarette from a car window. It had ignited the grass, the telephone communications were ended or limited, and communication was down.

Nearly all the poles for a distance were scorched or burned. Some had been burned off the first few feet from the ground and were hanging by the top part in the air from the wires they were intended to support. Dangling in the air, these sagging wires had let the poles touch the ground as they were swinging in the wind, each time creating static on the line.The poles had been set to hold up the lines, but here they were sagging.

Many a time during the three years that I was in charge of the work in South America, I tried to get long-distance calls through to these distant places. When the connection was made, almost invariably there would be static, and the words were cut in two and grating sounds were heard. In my mind’s eye I could see the telephone line on the Salta Road swaying in the breeze, hitting the ground and occasionally breaking connection.”

Communication is critical in all aspects of life, but especially the spiritual.  Later in the talk President Kimball goes on to say that anytime he is approached fire help by people with doubts or difficulties he first asks about their prayers. 

How deep of a connection is it?  Is it strong and clear or burned out, and sagging with static or altogether cut?

These are important questions to ask ourselves often. 

Prayer is an important part of my life and it can be that way for anyone who sincerely desires to know God. 

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