The Keys to Peace, Happiness, and Equality

This evening as a family we discussed the actions of a wise king from the Book of Mormon who wanted peace, happiness, and equality among his people: Mosiah 27:2-7

2 And it came to pass that king Mosiah sent a proclamation throughout the land round about that there should not any unbeliever persecute any of those who belonged to the church of God.

3 And there was a strict command throughout all the churches that there should be no persecutions among them, that there should be an equality among all men;

4 That they should let no pride nor haughtiness disturb their peace; that every man should esteem his neighbor as himself, laboring with their own hands for their support.

5 Yea, and all their priests and teachers should labor with their own hands for their support, in all cases save it were in sickness, or in much want; and doing these things, they did abound in the grace of God.

6 And there began to be much peace again in the land; and the people began to be very numerous, and began to scatter abroad upon the face of the earth, yea, on the north and on the south, on the east and on the west, building large cities and villages in all quarters of the land.

7 And the Lord did visit them and prosper them, and they became a large and wealthy people.

Peace, happiness, and equality come when we stop persecuting, ridiculing, and judging others, aside our own pride, treat others with love and respect, and do our part to support ourselves and help our neighbors. The real beauty of this wisdom is it can be equally applied to relationships, homes, communities and nations. The path to happiness is and always will be to “love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” and “love thy neighbor as thyself” (Matthew 22:36-39).

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