Bad Dreams

I still remember my worst childhood bad dream. It was always the same and I can picture the scene vividly in my mind. For the past year my daughter has been waking to bad dreams. They usually come early in the morning and she always goes to my wife’s side of the bed. My wife is too tired to do much more than comfort and pray with her so she climbs into bed next to me.

This morning she awoke to another bad dream. After spending a few restless minutes in bed, her little heart racing, she finally started to settle and fall asleep. My alarm went off and I climbed out of bed and had a thought: go take some pictures.

I gently woke her and asked if she wanted to go the beach and take some pictures. Her eyes instantly opened and she said yes. A few minutes later we were on the road, cameras in hand.

I spent a few minutes recording ocean sounds for another project I’m working on and then we wandered the beach for an hour shooting anything that interested us. Checking the photos after coming home I realized I had many photos of her. She’s growing. My baby girl for so many years, she is the sweetest, kindest, thoughtful child. She loves to care for other people and can’t stand someone being hurt or afraid. Out there with the camera she forgot about her dream as she soaked in the beautiful sunrise.

On the way home she had a smile on her face and was ready for the day. We committed ourselves to going on photo shoots more often. Maybe filling her mind with beautiful scenes will push the bad ones away.


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