Walking in the light

One of the great blessings of life is the ability to choose. We can decide, each and every day, through our thoughts, words and deeds, to develop a stronger relationship and connection with God or move away from Him. I don’t usually think of this as a test, but it is. God knows us. He wants us to have His light to guide us through life but we have to invite that light in.

Elder L. Whitney Clayton, in his talk “Choose to Believe” said:

“Every day each of us faces a test. It is the test of our lifetimes: will we choose to believe in Him and allow the light of His gospel to grow within us, or will we refuse to believe and insist on traveling alone in the dark? The Savior provides His gospel as a light to guide those who choose to believe in and follow Him.”

I hope you will choose every day to walk by the Savior’s light, to accept Him, embrace Him, and love Him. He is the only sure path and will lead you right.

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