It’s General Conference Time Again

This morning #3 said that he has been alive for twenty four general conferences. Towards the end of the first session, when Elder L. Tom Perry said he had been alive for 9 decades, his eyes widened. I could see him doing the calculations in his head – over 180 conferences!

My wife and I have filled General Conference weekend with several traditions that make the experience one the kids look forward to with anticipation. This is no small feat since the idea of 8 hours of church over Saturday and Sunday could easily seem daunting to adults and young children alike. But my wife is clever. She finds special activities and treats (a cinnamon roll recipe perfected over the years that she only makes conference weekend) that keep them interested. Add that to the feeling that resonates in our home from the special witnesses and testimonies of living prophets, and it’s become a time we cherish as a family.

Of course the little ones are running around, riding their bikes through the kitchen, dressing up as super heroes and begging for snacks, but that’s to be expected. The weekend is not without the typical family chaos, and everything doesn’t go silent when the music starts, but it’s special. As I looked around the room this afternoon I saw the kids with their papers and pens keeping their doodle journals as a way to record the messages that are meaningful to them. My oldest had her tablet out and was dutifully taking notes throughout the session. She also had a piece of paper for Seminary where she captured each speaker and something she learned from each session. Rather than noting everything this time, I changed my usual note habit and am only capturing the questions that come to mind. Things that I need to ponder so I can improve.

It’s a great way to spend two weekends a year and even more special considering tomorrow is Easter. What better way to spend Easter than listening to a prophet of God?

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