Discovering Spiritual Truth and Light

From this post on the blog:

“Absolute truth is different than belief or hope, and it is not reliant on popular opinion. Satan hopes to convince us otherwise. As the author of all lies, it is his mission to make us believe that truth is a fluid concept, that the gospel is not the true path to follow, and that even if there is absolute truth out there, it is unattainable by anyone.

We must not believe him. We must persistently seek, ponder, pray, and evaluate information to come to our own personal knowledge of truth. God has promised us that it is possible to know spiritual truth for ourselves.

As our all-knowing Heavenly Father, He is the one source we can always trust. He deeply loves all of us, and if we are willing to ask Him with a humble, sincere heart and with real intent, He will provide us with the answers we seek. But in order to recognize truth, we must use the right tools to detect it.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has told us that in order to recognize truth, we must follow these four steps:

  1. Search the scriptures.
  2. Consider, ponder, strive to believe, and be grateful for the Lord’s mercy.
  3. Humbly ask Heavenly Father with faith in Christ and real intent to know these truths.
  4. Live the principles of the gospel.

Jesus Christ is the truth of the world. He is also the light of the world, and we need spiritual light if we are going to thrive in these difficult days.”

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