A week ago I decided that I needed exercise and wanted to spend more productive,  quality time with the kids. Most importantly I was looking for a lifestyle change. In a flash of insight the perfect solution came to me: basketball.

The kids love playing it but never really had the chance.  I asked them if they would be willing to get up at 5 am and play until 7:30 and they were all excited about it.  It’s been fun to watch them struggle to learn the skills and work hard to improve.  The best part is after a week I have yet to hear any complaints about getting up early. 

I’m sure the complaints will come as the newness wears off and progress slows, but this experience reminded me of the importance of progress.  It is fun to learn new things,  explore new talents,  and see improvement.  Even though mastery takes time and effort,  we are forming habits, and building relationships,  two important keys to happiness and self fulfillment. 

So for now I’m enjoying exploring this sport I love with the kids and getting the exercise I need while looking forward to the day when they surpass my ability to teach them.  Thanks kids!

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