Daily Message – February 9th 2015

President Gordon B. Kinckley said:

“Women who make a house a home make a far greater contribution to society than those who command large armies or stand at the head of impressive corporations. Who can put a price tag on the influence a mother has on her children, a grandmother on her posterity, or aunts and sisters on their extended family?

“We cannot begin to measure or calculate the influence of women who, in their own ways, build stable family life and nurture for everlasting good the generations of the future. The decisions made by the women of this generation will be eternal in their consequences. May I suggest that the mothers of today have no greater opportunity and no more serious challenge than to do all they can to strengthen the [home]” (Standing for Something: 10 Neglected Virtues That Will Heal Our Hearts and Homes [2000], 152).”

 It is impossible to be about God’s work and not feel opposition from the world so I I add to this that husbands, fathers, children, and friends of such mothers have a sacred obligation to honor, support, and sustain these valiant women in their decision to devote their lives to raising children and building a home.

From Elder L. Tom Perry, Finding Lasting Peace and Building Eternal Families, October 2014


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