Daily Message – February 5th, 2015

Yesterday, I glanced at my phone on the way into the church for Wednesday night activities and noticed a bunch of Facebook updates.  A friend and former mission companion posted some pictures from our time serving together in Kansas. It’s incredible to think that it was nearly 20 years ago.  Then, once I got home, mommy and #1 were at the computer looking up artists that will be giving concerts at Universal Orlando. One of them was Trace Adkins, and we ended up listening to his song, “You’re gonna miss this”.

The pictures and the song caused me to think about the passage of time,  and how quickly moments go by.  Children are especially prone to wanting to grow up fast,  I know I was. The important message here is time will pass quickly and before you know it,  you’ll be staring back at pictures from 20 years ago.

I may complain often about the noise and commotion in the house,  but I know that 20 years from now I’ll miss it.  I take for granted the feelings of security, knowing all of my children are safely tucked in bed each night, and the convenience of being able to walk into another room and have a conversation.

This was a good reminder that I will depend on these memories 20 years from now, so I need to spend time each day making good ones – even when I’m tired and the noise is overwhelming.  So let’s take a little time today and make one of those memories.

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