The best person I know

Daily Pic – January 21st, 2015

I took this pic a few days ago,  but I have to share it. My wife often comments that she is not as smart or accomplished as me because of my education and experience. But the truth is that she possesses gifts and abilities that I admire and am constantly striving,  and often failing,  to develop.

She has the ability to make others feel loved,  appreciated,  needed,  cared for,  and wanted. She is enthusiastic,  hopeful,  optimistic,  and kind despite being in great physical pain.  She commented to me the other day that she doesn’t know what it would be like to not feel pain for a single day.

She is not motivated by a need for recognition,  wealth,  or fame. She doesn’t seek the spotlight and would rather be a support than the one in charge.  She is at her best when someone else needs help.

I have learned a lot over my years in school and working in the world.  But the best lessons I have learned come from watching her.  I wish I could be more like her and appreciate her patience with me.

In this picture she is leading the children at church in a lesson about the Savior.  I love watching her teach activities that she spends all week preparing.  She loves those children and wants all of them to grow closer to the Savior.

So even though she’ll be embarrassed by this post,  every word of it is true. I’m so fortunate to have her in my life.

2015-01-21 07.13.53

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