Where is the Wisdom?

Daily Message – January 17th, 2015

You are bombarded by information that is all around you and easily accessible. You spend your day learning and gaining knowledge. But never forget that not all information is good, and not all knowledge is worth the price to attain it. True wisdom, the kind that will bring you happiness, is acquired through study and faith.

Remember these words from T.S. Eliot:

The endless cycle of idea and action,
Endless invention, endless experiment,
Brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness;
Knowledge of speech, but not of silence;
Knowledge of words, and ignorance of the Word.
All our knowledge brings us nearer to our ignorance,
All our ignorance brings us nearer to death,
But nearness to death no nearer to GOD.
Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
The cycles of Heaven in twenty centuries
Bring us farther from GOD and nearer to the Dust.


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