How to unlock your learning potential

Daily Message – January 10th, 2015

Yesterday I posted about being patient in learning, but there’s more to that story. This week I was reading my scriptures and I came across a familiar passage that I didn’t fully understand. I had read it many times, but had never stopped to really think about and explore the words.

I decided to pause and spend some time with that verse. My exploration of the words began with prayer. I have faith that the Lord will help us understand His words. The scriptures are written for our profit and learning, which means we can unlock the treasures within with His help. Here’s how:

1. Sincere Desire: The process begins with a sincere desire. God wants us to have knowledge and understanding but He will not force us. We must come to Him. If we are too busy to stop and think about what we are reading, or too rushed to feel the spirit, we leave those hidden treasures buried for a later time.

2. Ask: Repeatedly in the scriptures we are told that the Lord will answer those who seek knowledge from Him.

3. Search: It’s not enough just to pray and then go on with our lives. We must study the matter – think about it, talk about it, and search for the answer. When we do this, God’s spirit will lead us to the answer.

4. Be patient: The answer may not come all at once. You may need to wait on the Lord. Continue to search and pray that the Lord will guide you.

5. Give Thanks: Never forget to thank God for His help.

This is how I received knowledge from God this week. I had a question and sought His help in prayer. I followed the impressions I received from the spirit and an amazing thing happened. Not only were my questions answered, but the experience lead me to discover other knowledge and truth that I hadn’t even asked for. God opened the windows of heaven and poured out His blessing upon me this week. Having experienced this, I am committing to approaching all of my studies this way. I hope you will follow this pattern too.


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